Technology driven

Identifying pain points and needs of a specific business unit or a product line and defining prospective solutions

Business Driven

Identifying pain points and needs of multiple BUs and defining integrated solutions across business value chain

Strategy Driven

Identify pain points and needs across the corporate and define multi-functional transformation initiative with IoT as key enabler

What we deliver:

  • Identify business pain points that IoT can resolve
  • IoT roadmap in line with desired business outcomes
  • User-centric business process transformation
  • Industry insights & benchmark
  • POC plan/technology roadmap


IoTize Assets

Enabling devices to sense, communicate, network and produce information & secure communications between devices and cloud.

IoT Data Platform

Enabling secure data ingestion, management, and syndication. Enabling multi-tenant application and analytics platform & enabling exploratory data science.

Apps & Analytics

Enable customer defined business application or micro-service. Enterprise Integration & enable Analytical models to generate business insights

What we deliver:

  • IoTization – Device, Gateway, Connectivity, Security
  • IoT Platform – Data storage, Device management, Data Science workbench
  • Integration of IoT Applications with rest of IT landscape
  • IoT Applications and Analytics


IoT device management & Platform

IoTized devices – Upgrade, bug fixing and timely escalations to customers. Device replacement & security support. Remote IoT platform management

IoT data Science & Analytics

Data pattern & performance analysis. Measuring accuracy of data models. Data cleaning & report generation

IT/OT Convergence

Migration of processes. Process automation and standardization. Service management. Executing IoT processes & workflows

What we deliver:

  • Provisioning, Measuring & Monitoring
  • Orchestrate IT/OT
  • Platform hosting & micro services
  • High performance analytics & insight as-a-service
  • Uptime assurance : 24/7 support